Oppo F19 with great Features And Functions

Oppo F19 is a new smartphone from Oppo. It is one of the best smartphone of this year and it does so with great features. Apart from that, the Oppo F19 is also equipped with a high definition camera and an impressive amount of memory. To know more about the Oppo F19 and how to buy Oppo F19 online, read through the information below.

The Oppo F19 has been loaded with many features that make it stand out among other smartphones. One of the most amazing features of the Oppo F19 is the camera. The camera of the Oppo F19 has a very large LCD screen and a high resolution. The phone also has a super sharp rear camera with a 5,000mah battery.

The front and back cameras of the Oppo F19 are also very impressive. This phone has a total of six different pictures modes – standard, photo, fun, games, indoor, outdoor, and professional. One of the interesting features of the Oppo F19 is the slide-out keyboard. If you are fond of writing on the keyboard, then the keyboard of the Oppo F19 will allow you to accomplish everything at ease. In the slide-out keyboard, the keys are well spaced and comfortable to type on. When it comes to the rear camera setup, the Oppo F19 has a unique setup where the primary camera is placed between the Primary photo mode and the Beauty photo mode.

As compared to the Android phones from Samsung and HTC, the Oppo F19 features a lower resolution front camera and a normal sized rear camera. Despite these Oppo F19  two factors, the Oppo F19 camera does give a better shot when compared to the others. The phone has a special feature called Dual Shot. In Dual Shot, the second image that you take will be used as the primary image and the first one will be saved as a secondary image. You can have as many photos as you want stored in your phone.

The Oppo F19 is equipped with the Oppo Eaze application and Smart Switch feature. With the help of this application, the user can remotely control the camera from any PC or laptop. Apart from that, the Oppo F19 runs on the Android operating system that features a very advanced user interface. The user can easily use the Google Maps application for navigating around the city. In addition to that, the phone also offers a fast charging feature through which you can charge the battery in just thirty minutes.

The Oppo F19 has some amazing features and offers a whole lot of exciting benefits to its users. To top it all, the prices of the smartphone are not affordable. To make your telecommunication experience more affordable, the company is offering two year contract plans starting from $1620. With this much benefit at hand, it is hard to imagine that you will find another handset with so many advantages at such affordable price.